Friday, April 18, 2014

Bridesmaids Dress Shopping!

I've been feeling a little under the weather the past few weeks, my health has had some serious downs, but nonetheless, I'm going BRIDESMAID dress shopping tomorrow!!

My sister, Keri, who lives in Nashville is home for Easter, so we get to finally go and look at dresses with her here!! I cannot wait!!

I've found a few dresses that I absolutely love, so trying them on is going to be a blast!

I have 7 bridesmaids, with 7 different styles, so this ought to be interesting to find a dress that fits all of them and my dream perfectly.

We're just going to start in Montgomery and see if we can find one of the dresses I like so much there, if not, we'll move on to Birmingham.

My wedding is still 7 months away, so I have some time to decide. But knowing that some of bridesmaids aren't in town with me makes it a little more difficult to get a dress. Some are going to have to send off measurements, so I need to go ahead and find the dress soon!

Deciding on what dress you want is hard, but deciding on what dress SEVEN other girls will look good is even harder. You have to really look and plan, and see what fits best with your color scheme, if you have one.

Luckily my color scheme is very neutral, and there are several different dresses that will fit into that category.

The dress I see in my head, is a pale peach color. I've found some that are very similar to that color that I can't wait to look at on some of my girls.

While not every single one of my girls can go with me tomorrow, a few can. Getting an idea of what style will look best on them is going to help pick the color and the dress.

Several of my bridesmaids have teased that they're too pale for a peach dress, while one of my girls is super dark, and she said it'll look great on her.

All of my bridesmaids are very easy going and will wear whatever I choose, even if they think it's hideous. I can't wait!!

This journey has been exciting but difficult at times due to my health, and family being in another state. I'm ready to get the ball rolling on all of it.

Time is going by faster than I ever imagined!

7 months and 8 days until I say "I do!!"

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Our First Home Together!!

Over and over I will say that our God is an absolutely AWESOME God!!

A few weeks ago, Taylor and I got a house! We get to move in, in less than 2 weeks! I cannot wait. I know he'll be living there for a few months without me, until we're married, but it's still exciting.

I am such a worry wart, and I was so concerned on if we were going to have a house, when, where, would it be a good house, would we have time to move in before our wedding; so many thoughts. Nevertheless, God provided in his timing.

Our house is PERFECT! It's in a neighborhood with sidewalks, all of the neighbors are friendly, we even have some friends that live out there!

The kitchen in this house is rockin'! It's big enough to have a dance party. Our yard is huge, which is awesome, because I have a little furbaby who loves to run!

I'm still in shock that we actually have a house. Our first home together!

While some people are like, "you're not moving in with him now," I'm like, "no, because we're not married, and that defeats my morals." Why would I move in now, if we're about to be married?? We'll have the rest of our lives to live together. I don't want to rush that now.

With that being said, that doesn't mean that I can't go ahead and begin to decorate the house. I love decorating and I so look forward to being able to do that!!

Usually you're first home is an apartment or a tiny little house, but we actually have a decent sized house in a good neighborhood. I absolutely cannot wait! November needs to hurry! Just kidding, it can take it's time, I don't want to rush things. This is the last time ever that I will live by myself. That's a weird concept.

I would post a picture of our cute little house, but these days, you can't do thins like that. :/

Start praying for us, we begin moving in April 1st! Ahhh!!

No worries, you'll see some pictures of the inside once we get in!

Can't wait!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

And so begins the hunt for the Bridesmaid Dresses

This is a continuing tough decision to make. As I said, these dresses may just be dresses to some people, but to me, they're forever. They're in all of our pictures and my friends have to buy them.

When choosing your bridesmaid dresses you have to know what you want.

Pinterest has helped me out as far as deciding what colors are best with fall weddings. Since I'm getting married in the fall, my colors are soft.

My dresses will be long for sure. According to several different wedding planning sites, you should have long dresses if your wedding is after 4pm, interesting fact.

If you get married after 5, your wedding is considered to be formal. There are so many things that people don’t know about weddings. You should look them up sometimes.

Apparently here in the south, we don’t care as much about sticking to those kinds of traditions, but it’s still neat to know them!

You can google ‘wedding traditions in the south’ and it will give you some good places to read facts.

So I know they'll be long, but I'm not quite sure what they'll look like. Of course I'll keep you up-to-date when I make that decision. It should be soon!

I'm still so excited about planning my wedding!!

The Taylor Transition

So, as you all know by now, I am planning my wedding to Taylor Daughtry.

I thought it would be funny to see the progression of me not having feelings for Taylor at all, to me being completely head over heels for him.

This first picture was taken in 2009, before we ever dated. He had the longest hair ever. I absolutely could not stand his long hair. Have a look yourself:
Taylor is on my left side in this picture, while his hair is up in a PONY TAIL :/ you  can see that it's long.

Taylor always wanted to be right beside me, but I wasn't having it. I had know interest in him at the time, and his hair was definitely something that held me back.

I knew I loved him as a friend, but I didn't realize I loved him more. His hair was just so shockingly long that it didn't attract me.

It kept growing:

I mean it was longer than my hair, and I thought I had long hair.

Over time, he decided he didn't like his long hair anymore. The next few pictures show the progression of us.

While some people may think I'm a little vain, I'm not. I think he hid behind his hair, because once he cut it, he became so much more outgoing and that's the Taylor I fell in love with.
Holy cow at the difference. He doesn't even look like the same person. Now this is who I fell in love with.

Look at that baby face. :)

He let his hair grow out a little over the past few years, but the transition of long to short hair was the best transition ever. I love him so much! Look at the big smile as opposed to the first picture I posted.

This is the most recent picture of us. We have grown so much. Especially him! He's changed so much over the past few years. I can't wait to marry him!

I hope you find the "Taylor Transition" as entertaining as I do, especially if you know us. :)

Should You Get Married In A Church??

Of course we all know by now that I’m in the middle of planning my wedding. The question of whether or not I would get married in a church was brought up several times after becoming engaged.

Now, if you know me, you know that I am very involved in church, and getting married in a church is special to me.

Well after we got engaged, I played with the idea of getting married at some different places. I found an article on the Huffington Post that said “10 Signs You Should Not Be Getting Married In A Church,” well this article was clearly someone else’s opinion, but it had some truth to it.

Now, I’m not one to spark a fire where there’s not one, but with this, I may have to.

What’s the point in getting married in a church if you want to “take Jesus out of the ceremony?” I mean, maybe you just like the building, but taking Jesus out of the ceremony, is like taking the meaning out of marriage.

One of the other points was “you and your partner have never talked about religion and don’t see yourself talking about it,” HELLO, if you haven’t even talked about religion in the slightest, then why on earth are you just assuming your spouse is wanting to be married in a church.

To me, the whole meaning behind getting married in a church is because that it God’s temple. Uniting as one, you are becoming one in the union of marriage in front of God.

The bible talks about how marriage is created from God and meant to be between one man and one woman forever. If you can’t even talk about religion in your courtship, then you have no idea who you’re really marrying.

You’re probably not marrying them for the right reasons either.

It was a very interesting read, and it made me realize why I’m getting married, but also why I’m getting married in a church.

Planning is in FULL SWING!

The Planning is in FULL swing!

I am so excited about planning my wedding, that I’ve pretty much finished the big details!

I went to a bridal show on February 19th, and found some SUPER cute ideas to use at our wedding and our reception. Decorating for the wedding and the reception can be hard, because you have to do it so far in advance. When you’re thinking of things and ways you want to decorate you have to just imagine how it’s going to look at your venue.

For me, decorating isn’t hard at all. My mom and sisters are so very creative. I’ve been blessed with the best. All I have to say is, “this is kind of what I want” and they’re on it like hawks. It’s a little amazing.

At this bridal show I mentioned a few paragraphs up, I found some of the neatest ideas to use.

First of all let’s talk the cakes I saw. WOW. My colors are peach and ivory, and some of the cakes I saw were the exact colors. I was so excited! One of the cakes I saw was really interesting. The details on this cake are so exquisite. I’ve never seen one like it. I love the flower at the top, and the design throughout the cake, the only thing I’d change would be the silver to gold. Look how pretty this cake is:

Another interesting thing I saw, was a backdrop for the altar. I am getting married in a church, but I still want somewhat of a backdrop. This lace with lights and different fabrics is perfect! I can’t wait to see what mine turns out to look like. It’ll have to be a good bit bigger, because the stage I’m working with is bigger.

Here it is:

I love the details and all of the fabrics combined, with all of the lights and greenery. It's so exciting!!

Although my wedding is still 8 months away, it’s GREAT to be planning this far in advance, this way I can see what will work and what won’t work!

I can’t wait!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

How we got

So Taylor and I have known each other since we were in 4th and 5th grades. I'm a year older (so naturally I'm wiser, lol). He was the most annoying kid I had ever laid eyes on, I couldn't stand him. We met at our church, Hephzibah, in Troy, AL. We were in the same Sunday school class, the same Wednesday night group, and eventually the same youth group. We were in musicals together and church dramas, but that kid drove me crazy. When we got to high school, yes I'm skipping middle school, because no one wants to relive those days, we became actual friends.

I started watching Taylor grow. We started hanging out in groups almost every weekend. He still drove me crazy, but I didn't mind being around him for small amounts of time. We pretty much did everything together.

When I started driving I took him and our friends everywhere!! I was the oldest in our group, so naturally I drove everyone. He would always sit in the back and randomly say, "I love you." As we got a little older I thought it was a joke, so I'd always say, "I love you, too Taylor, as my brother in Christ." Taylor hated it, but I didn't realize it.

All of our friends talked about how were going to date one day and I was absolutely mortified at that statement, (Sorry T, I love you now). I would always say "No, we will NEVER date, Taylor is my friend, and that's it." Little did I know God had different plans.

We continued hanging out for a few years, and he even had a girlfriend at one point. I started getting this weird feeling that I liked him.

I was 21 almost 22 when all of these "I love you Kristin" messages started really creeping in my mind. I thought about how we hung out all of the time and how I would pretend to not like him.

One night we were hanging out and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. God thought it would be funny.

Taylor and I started dating on December 5, 2010. The craziest time of my life. I'll never forget it.

We dated for three years and became the best of friends.  We have the best relationship because we just like to hang out together. We have so much fun. We grow in Christ together, we love each other and we love sharing our faith with others.

When you get to stand beside the one God has chosen for you as your life partner and you get to worship God together, it's an awesome feeling.

So we began looking at rings for real, in early 2013. I found some that I liked but not the one.

On October 12, 2013, we went and looked at rings and I found one that I loved. Little did I know Mr. Daughtry would be getting a ring just like that soon.

On November 8, 2013 he took me to the first place we met, the church. He took me out to the spot where he asked me to date him, and underneath the stars and God he asked me to marry him. I of course said yes and I can't wait!! November 22nd needs to HURRY!